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sports for everyone

Exercising regularly not only helps to develop physical but also mental skills. In order to strengthen the diversity of sport and the sustainable development of children, we are therefore involved in a wide range of projects:

Pure Sports Empowerment FundJunior sponsorshipSupporting clubs

Kinder in einer Sportmannschaft stehen im Kreis.


Pure Sports Empowerment Fund

The positive impact of sports club membership goes far beyond the moment. Together, we make a lasting difference in children's lives, not only by providing access to sports, but also by fostering social connections, self-confidence and healthy lifestyles.

Our Goal

We want to enable 1000 children to become members of sports clubs for a year.
Support us in laying the foundation for a healthier and more self-confident generation – an investment in the future that pays off!

Become part of the

Does your club want to enable free memberships? Are you looking for a sponsored club membership for your child? Do you want to support our fund? Then become part of the Pure Sports Empowerment Fund now!


Simply register here – we will get in touch with you:

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Junior sponsorship

Making a career out of sports is something many young athletes dream of. But the costs of starting a professional sports career can be immense. In addition to club dues, young athletes have to pay for equipment, entry fees, travel expenses, medical care and many other costs. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this. With our sponsoring of young athletes, we therefore want to ensure that promising talents do not drop out due to a lack of financial resources.

Unsere Talente

Felix Bild 3.jpg

Felix Krüger, Eislöwen Dresden U17

Here's how it works

Reach the next level together! We connect young athletes (from the age of 14) with companies and private individuals who would like to support them financially. Does that sound interesting to you too? There is more information here:

Becoming a sponsor is worth it:

How does my company benefit from supporting young athletes?

✅ Show social responsibility

 Emotional connection with your customers

 Address new audiences

 Promote talent, celebrate success together


Supporting Clubs

Club life is extremely important for the development of children. Structure and learning about different activities promote physical and mental development. However, many junior departments face massive financial and structural challenges. Coaches and volunteers are rare and there is often not enough equipment and infrastructure. That's why we want to help clubs to create the best possible training conditions. 

Our Projects

Eissportclub Dresden – Eislöwen Skating School

In the skating school, children between the ages of three and eight are introduced to ice hockey. The children have to learn not only to stand on their skates, but also to change direction and regulate their speed in a few seconds. Nearly 200 children have been inspired to play the sport over the past two years and are moving forward into competitive play.

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