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Health & Development

Our health is everything. Unfortunately, we cannot control all the factors that affect our health. Especially our little ones often have no control over the conditions they live in. That is why we have several initiatives to contribute to a healthier life for everyone:
Healthy food

Hygiene Days

The earlier children are introduced to hygiene basics, the better it is for their development. It not only promotes motor skills and independence, but also allows them to grow up with a healthy relationship to their own body. Since not every child learns how to deal with their body properly at home, we have launched the hygiene days in cooperation with SQIN.

What it's about

Approximately 400 million children suffer from a shortage of drinking water and inadequate hygiene, and 4.2 billion people are unable to use clean toilets or showers. And even regardless of access to water and sanitation, many children around the world don't even learn basic daily hygiene measures.

That's why we organize our Hygiene Days. Together with our local partners, we show children in a free workshop how to take the best possible care of their skin, hair, teeth and entire body every day. In addition, each child receives a kit sponsored by us containing the most important hygiene articles.

Hygiene Day in Eswatini

Hygiene day with All Out Africa in Eswatini

Our previous supporters

Yoga & Mindset Classes

Body and mind play an important role in our health. With our yoga & mindset classes, we help to strengthen both: The mixture of stretching, strength and endurance exercises in yoga is revitalizing in a very special way. Yoga also helps to regain inner balance. As an optimal add-on, we also integrate mindset coaching into the classes. A part of the proceeds does benefit our foundation.

Do good to yourself and others

By participating in our yoga classes, you can experience the many benefits of yoga practice for body and mind up close:

✅ improves overall fitness

✅ strengthens circulation, muscles and joints

✅ relieves stress and calms the nervous system

✅ improves the ability to concentrate

✅ creates an emotional balance

✅ deepens the understanding of one's own self

So far we have been holding our classes in Dresden and Berlin. We'll keep you posted here should more cities be added.

The next class is already being planned. You can pre-register via email here:


Prevention Days

Prevention is the only way to maintain good health in the long term. Especially in the case of non-communicable diseases, one's own living conditions and habits play a decisive role. These diseases cause 71% of deaths worldwide, and more than 90% of deaths in Germany. Extensive prevention is therefore essential. It is also crucial to contain infectious diseases. With our Prevention Days, we want to raise awareness of the importance of health prevention.

More information will follow soon...

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Child and Youth Welfare

Although a safe environment and a protected childhood are important for a child's development, not every child can grow up like that. For various unpleasant reasons (including drugs, abuse, mental illness, ...), home is unfortunately not a positive place for many children and young people. Fortunately, there are institutions and initiatives – such as the Youth Welfare Office – that are here for them. We want to support that.

Our Projects

Siblings Residential Group

The siblings' residential group by "Natürliches Erleben" is a place where children can find a new home and grow up with their siblings in a loving environment. There are currently six children between the ages of 6 and 12 living on site and growing up together. The waiting lists are long – children wait up to three years for a spot. The house itself is dependent on donations for its varied and child-friendly operation. We support the valuable work with donations and experiences for the children.

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